Resident Evil 7 Infinite Ammo Tips And Trick


In this guide, we see how to get INFINITE AMMUNITION IN Resident Evil 7.

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In video games, Resident Evil 7 cheats have always been an excellent excuse to replay a title after finishing it without any kind of help.

Capcom has also thought about this and here in Resident Evil 7, it is possible to play a second game by activating the Resident Evil 7 Infinite Ammo trick. Unlocking this fantastic bonus will not be easy, in fact, you will have it only after completing the game on the highest difficulty, that is the Asylum difficulty.

The Asylum difficulty unlocks, in turn, after completing Resident Evil 7 cheats on any other difficulty, which means that to get the Infinite Ammo you will have to complete the game twice, the second time you will have to play it on Asylum difficulty!

In addition to the infinite ammo, there are other bonuses to unlock, to know them all follow the guide to all the bonuses and items to unlock in Resident Evil 7.


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