Prey Aimbot


Prey – a science fiction computer game in the genre of the immersive sim for the platforms Microsoft the Windows, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox the One. The game was released on May 5, 2017. Prey is ideologically related to the game of the same name in 2006, but is not a direct sequel and has no connection with the game Prey 2, canceled in 2014.

The game takes place on the fictional space station Talos-1, located at the first Lagrange point in orbit around the Earth-Moon system. The player controls a lone hero named Morgan Yu, who is trying to escape from the station captured by aliens – “typhoons”. Prey is built non-linearly, in the spirit of Metroidvania – the player gradually gains access to previously inaccessible sections of the station, finding keys and new abilities.

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Prey Aimbot

Prey Aimbot is working well that’s why we have decided to give it, the feature that is done is given below and there is less fear of banned your account.

  • No recoil, recoil control system – reduce or fully compensate for recoil.
  • Aimbot – automatically aims the weapon at the enemy.
  • Wallhack – See-through walls and additional information about weapons, health points, vest, money
  • Hold Key – Assist in targeting the button
  • Anti Flash Shoot – Checks if you are blinded by a flash grenade. If so, it interrupts aim assist
  • RADAR – a special radar on which we see enemies.
  • RCS – Weapon spread control
  • Triggerbot – the player aims the weapon himself, the bot shoots when it is aimed.

If you use our Prey Aimbot then you will get the above-mentioned feature. Download Prey Aimbot for free here.


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