No Man’s Sky: Trick to Duplicate Objects


In this guide, we see how to use an exploit to duplicate objects in No Man’s Sky.

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The object duplication exploit is a classic in games like No Man’s Sky. As we always do in these cases, we warn you that the trick will in all likelihood be fixed with one of the next patches, so it may no longer work after a game update.

Meanwhile, if you need some extra units to spend (you earn by reselling duplicate items), you can use it without exaggerating, as excessive use of this type of trick could ruin the entire game experience.

How to duplicate objects in No Man’s Sky

The mechanism is really very simple, proceed as follows:

1) put in the inventory of the suit all the objects you want to duplicate, these will all be duplicated as long as you have the necessary space;

2) enter the ship and exit, then enter and exit again. By checking the “options” menu you will see that you have just created two saves;

3) now you must die. The fastest way is to attack a sentry (look around, they always turn around), this will open fire and call for reinforcements, you will die in seconds.

4) when you return to the game you will notice your “grave” at the point where you died, DO NOT TAKE IT, but go to options and reload the PREVIOUS save. This way you will return to the game with all the items stored in your inventory, but the tomb will still be there and you can get it and duplicate the items.

Keep in mind that the same trick can also be used to duplicate items in the ship’s inventory. The only difference is that you will have to die while aboard the spaceship, and then retrieve the tomb floating in space using the spaceship. A quick way to get killed while aboard the spacecraft is to attack a space station, so you are also close to the station so you can immediately resell the duplicated items !!!


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