Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Cheat Codes


In this guide, we see what they are and how to unlock all the tricks of Lego Star Wars the Awakening of the Force cheat codes.

Don’t forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens for other useful guides on this game.

New Lego game, new tricks to use to have fun without worries. Even the Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens tricks work in a similar way to what has already been seen in previous chapters.

Cheat codes to unlock characters

You have certainly noticed that in the extras menu there is the possibility to enter codes. Below you will find a video showing how to insert the cheats, followed by the list of these cheat codes, which mainly unlock new characters (obvious captain says that the codes are the ones in bold):

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Cheat Codes

B-U4D AKA Buford (Droid) – QLLJXD
Caluan Ematt – 26F2CF
Chief Petty Officer Unamo – 2DZXDM
Crokind Shand – BQPKPA
Dasha Promenti – BJZA6F
Flametrooper – LRYUBB
FN-2112 – 4T3UNK
Goss Toowers – QZTZX4 Geetaw
Guavian Security Soldier – C73CNV
Hoogenz – V3H6RU
Jessika Pava – SBUSCW
Kaydel Ko Connix – 9FJKF4
Korr Sella – NGSEKH
Lieutenant Bastian – XQZ7C6
Major Brance – Q8KRC6
Mi’no Teest – GBE8ZC
Monn Tatth – A5JR9V
Nien Nunb – P8KXSA
Officer Shimitsu – GVNBWB
Oskus Stooratt – K6JXJT
Quinar – A4EHFJ
R2Q5 (Droid) – VVVSEA
R-3PO AKA Red Ar-Threepio (Droid) – BEMT2T
Snap Wexley – HTN3RD
Special Forces Tie Pilot – 59J67X
Teedo – CP6ETU
Trentus Savay – 638FNX
Unkar Thug – YABPYU
Wollivan – J3GMHE

Cheats on the gameplay

The gameplay cheats are 25 in total and correspond to the game’s red bricks. In order to use these tricks, you will first of all have to find the Red Bricks scattered throughout the various levels and then activate them from the special console located in the gaming hub by paying the required amount of tokens. The gameplay cheats are:

  • Build Fast (100,000 Tokens)
  • Attract Tokens (200,000 Tokens)
  • Quick Interact (200,000 Tokens)
  • X8 Token Multiplier (4,000,000 Tokens)
  • Token Multiplier X2 (2,000,000 Tokens)
  • Fast Force (200,000 Tokens)
  • X6 Token Multiplier (3.000.000)
  • Instant Destroy (200,000 Tokens)
  • Super Slap (500,000 Tokens)
  • Token Multiplier X4 (2,000,000 Tokens)
  • Regenerate Life (500,000 Tokens)
  • The Funk Awakens (1,000,000 Tokens)
  • Collect Guide Tokens (200,000 Tokens)
  • Imperial Inaccuracy (1,000,000 Tokens)
  • X10 Token Multiplier (5,000,000 Tokens)
  • Infinite Torpedo (500,000 Tokens)
  • Regenerate Combat Gauge (1,000,000 Tokens)
  • Super Disco Blasters (200,000 Tokens)

As already mentioned, to be able to buy them by spending the required amount of tokens you will first have to find the related red bricks. In this will help you with our guide to the red bricks of Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens which shows exactly where all the red bricks are.

You may have noticed that there are only 18 in the list above when I initially said there are 25 in total. It is not a mistake, you should know that the other seven are available from the beginning and can therefore be unlocked immediately without having to find the red brick. These are:

  • Super Detonators
  • Super Silly Sabers
  • Disco Sabers
  • Squeaky Voices
  • Collectible Detector
  • Silly Torpedoes
  • Super Strength

And good fun!


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