Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tricks to Earn Money, Infinite Zeni


In this guide, we see a couple of methods to earn money (Zeni) very fast in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Cheats.

Don’t forget to also consult the complete guide and tricks card of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 cheats for other useful guides on this game.

A very simple trick that can be used for farming Zeni (the money from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2) is to accumulate and resell rare and precious items while continuing to complete particular parallel missions, here’s how.

Method 1 – Low character level

If you have just started and your character still has a fairly low level, then I recommend taking advantage of the Parallel 12 mission which is unlocked in the early stages of the game. In this mission, you get as a reward the Turles “battle suit” and other valuable items that can be obtained at the beginning of the game.

Keep in mind that the Turles Battle Suit is only obtained as a reward if you complete Parallel mission 12 perfectly, that is, with the supreme conclusion. In the guide/solution to the parallel missions of Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 cheats we have already explained what are the necessary requirements to obtain the supreme conclusion in all parallel missions. In particular, to have the supreme conclusion of Parallel Quest 12 you will have to: defeat Great Ape Vegeta AFTER beating Dodorian and Zarbon and then fight with Turles reducing his health to at least 50%.

Keep repeating this mission by completing it perfectly to get a Turles Battlesuit every 3 minutes or so . Considering that Turles’ Battlesuit alone is worth around 20,000 Zeni we can say that it is a good way to start accumulating Zeni (see the guide to the parallel missions that we linked above if you have difficulty in obtaining the supreme conclusion in this mission).

Method 2 – High character level

If your character is of a high enough level then you can take advantage of the same reward farming method in a more challenging parallel mission, but which offers more valuable loot (the higher the number of the parallel mission, in fact, the better the rewards are are obtained).

In this sense, we can recommend the parallel quest 57 where you get as a reward, among other things, 2 pieces of Gogeta’s costume, each worth 40,000 Zeni. Also, it doesn’t seem necessary to complete the mission perfectly to get this reward. However, it is good to remember that with the supreme conclusion of the parallel missions you always get additional loot, so it’s always worth a try. In the guide/solution to the parallel missions of Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 we indicate both what are the secret conditions to obtain the supreme conclusion of all the parallel quests, and what are the rewards that are obtained.

Again, keep repeating the same parallel mission to accumulate loot in large quantities, then proceed as explained below.

How to sell loot to earn money

After accumulating the rewards, visit the shop in the square for a chance to sell your loot and collect as many Zeni as you like. Keep in mind that already with method 1, you could earn 1 Million Zeni in a couple of hours or even less. Not bad, right?


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