Bulletstorm Aimbot

(Image credit: People Can Fly)

Bulletstorm is a computer game, a first-person shooter. Developers – People Can Fly and Epic Games. Published by Electronic Arts. The game was released on February 22, 2011, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms.

In addition to the standard Bulletstorm edition, there is a collector’s edition (cost at the time of release – $60). Its owners were the first to gain access to beta testing of Gears of War 3, which was released only on the Xbox 360. Localization of the Russian version of the game is realized only through subtitles.

Players have access to several types of weapons and combat movements. Bulletstorm has a large number of so-called “Skilshot”, which will provide crazy gameplay. The skill shot system rewards the player for being creative in dealing damage to opponents. More unique skill shots – the player gets more points. These points can be spent on the discovery of new weapons, their improvement, as well as on the purchase of ammunition for all available types of weapons.

Bulletstorm Aimbot

Bulletstorm Aimbot is working well that’s why we have decided to give it, the feature that is done is given below and there is less fear of banned your account.

  • No recoil, recoil control system – reduce or fully compensate for recoil.
  • Aimbot – automatically aims the weapon at the enemy.
  • Triggerbot – the player aims the weapon himself, the bot shoots when it is aimed.

There are other aimbots, depending on the specifics of the game. In Fortnite Aimbot, there is an aimbot that activates for the hero Techies exactly as many bombs as needed to kill. In MMORPG there are bots that perform routine actions for the player (their attitude to cheats is controversial).





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